The TM department may call the applicant from time to time, in order to seek further clarification in connection with the application. Certain relevant queries in connection with the same have been dealt below.

The registrar may call for a hearing in case
  • the registrar is not satisfied with the reply of examination report and requires further clarification and oral arguments; or,
  • after submission of all evidences in the process of opposition, the registrar requires oral arguments/ clarifications from both the parties to the dispute
The hearing can be attended either by the party itself or through its Attorney or Agent.
The non-appearance may lead to abandonment of the trademark or opposition, as the case may be.
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* Terms & Conditions

1) Further in case of change of Attorney an additional govt. fee of Rs. 900/- shall be applicable in addition to above

2) Please note that the pofessional fee mentioned above varies from case to case depending upon the gravity of the case

3) Further please note that “MAGUS” does not guarantee the success of any hearingĀ  which shall depend upon the merit of the case