Legal Terminus can help you with obtaining bar code registration for your organization, as and when required, in a hassle-free manner within a reasonable time span and for a competitive professional fee which starts from Rs. 8,999/-

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    Before an entity can begin using barcodes, it must first register with GS1 India to obtain the numbers (GS1 Identification Keys) that go inside the barcode. GS1 India provides GS1 Identification Keys which are unique all around the world. The identification key for a Trade Item (Product) is called GTIN which is seen beneath a barcode and starts with the prefix 890. Barcodes help the user to electronically fetch the product details faster and are widely used in supermarkets, malls, stores, etc.  Certain relevant queries in connection with the same have been dealt with below in the form of an FAQ:


    Frequently asked questions about bar code registration

    The Bar Code Registration is not a mandatory requirement for any organization; however, In order to capture a wider market place as well as audience it is recommended to obtain Bar Code Registration for your products.

    • Applicant Company’s PAN card
    • Copy of audited balance sheet latest
    • Letter on company letterhead requesting bar code allotment
    • Registration Proof of Organisation along with GST Registration Certificate
    • Cancelled cheque copy of the Organisation

    The broad process of obtaining Bar Code Registration involves following steps:

    • STEP 1: Provide the above-mentioned documents/information of your organization to one of our consultants.
    • STEP 2: Our consultant will process the above documents/ information and validate the same.
    • STEP 3: The application for BAR CODE REGISTRATION shall be filled
    • STEP 4: The application shall be submitted with requisite fees
    • STEP 5: The issuing Board/ Organization shall issue Bar Codes Registration Certificate

    The process of obtaining Bar Code Registration can take anywhere between 7 to 10 working days, subject to submission of correct information and complete documentation.

    Legal Terminus can help you with obtaining BAR CODE REGISTRATION for your organization, as and when required, in a hassle-free manner within a reasonable time span and for competitive professional fee. To know more, please book a telephonic appointment with one of our consultants free of charge.

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