Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

1) We understand that during the course of our agreement, we shall be privy to proprietary information or general commercial information, which may or may not be confidential in nature. We warrant that we shall not disclose to any person or entity any information in our possession or knowledge. However, such information may be disseminated to our employees who are directly concerned with such information and then also only to such extent as is necessary for each employee for the purpose of undertaking his normal course of work in pursuance of this arrangement. We shall take adequate measures to ensure that no part of the information in the possession of the employees is disseminated either during the course of employment or thereafter. The information shall not be discussed, or otherwise communicated verbally, in an open forum where personnel or other third parties, who are not entitled to the possession of such information, are present.

2) In the event that we receive a validly issued administrative or judicial process requiring disclosure of confidential information, we shall provide prompt notice to the company of such receipt. We shall thereafter be entitled to disclose any confidential information in order to comply with the such administrative or judicial process, to the extent required by law. We may disclose in our external communication the fact that we have rendered services to your company by identifying the name of your company, reproducing your logo, and/or indicating only the general nature of services rendered by us including such details as have properly entered the public domain.