At the time of its incorporation, partners of an LLP are required to document its object(s) in the LLP agreement. An LLP cannot carry on any business activity which has not been mentioned in the agreement. In case partners wish to amend the object(s) subsequently, they may effect such change provided it is appropriately recorded in the LLP agreement and approved by MCA. Certain relevant queries in connection with the same have been dealt with below.

An existing LLP may need to change its objects for various reasons. For instance:
  • Existing business may become illegal due to change in law;
  • The partners wish to add or amend one or more business lines voluntarily;
  • One or more of the objects is/ are no longer required; etc.
  • Passing the resolution for change in the objects of the LLP
  • Preparation and execution of supplementary LLP Agreement depicting such change
  • Preparation and filing E-form 3 for change in LLP Agreement
  • Appropriate Government fees is payable depending upon the contribution of the LLP.
In terms of the extant provisions of the law, the relevant documents and e-forms in respect of any change in objects of an LLP should filed with the MCA within 30 days.
The process of change in object of the LLP takes around 1 week, subject to submission of correct information and complete documentation.
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