Every LLP incorporated as per the Limited Liability Act, 2008 has to adhere to the requirement of annual filing. The annual accounts of the LLP shall be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) within due date. Further, in case an LLP doesn’t comply with the annual filing provisions of the Limited Liability Act, 2008, then serious consequences shall apply to such LLP. Certain relevant queries in connection with the same have been dealt with below in the form of an FAQ:

Once the LLP is registered/incorporated, the liability/responsibility to file annual returns vested automatically with the LLP. Accordingly, every LLP must file Statement of Accounts& Solvency with the ROC along with Annual Return.
Even if the LLP has not commenced its business operations the requirement of annual filing still persists.  
The requirement to appoint an Auditor vest in the LLP subject to following criteria
  1. Turnover based criteria – In case the annual turnover > 40 lacs (or)
  2. Contribution based criteria – In case the Contribution > 25 lacs
Eforms Purpose Due date
LLP 11 Filing of Annual Return On or before 30th May of every year  
LLP 8 Filing of Statement of Accounts and Solvency On or before 30th October of every year
The Government Fee for filing LLP 11&LLP 8 shall depend upon the Contribution of the LLP which starts from Rs. 50  
The Non-compliance shall lead to following:  
Eforms Due date Penalty After Due date
LLP 11 On or before 30th May of every year   Rs. 100/- per day till the default continues.  
LLP 8 On or before 30th October of every year Rs. 100/- per day till the default continues.  
The LLP as well as the Designated Partners shall be held responsible for the penalties mentioned above. Further, the non-filing may lead the defaulting Designated Partners to disqualification of DIN (Director Identification Number) and legal notice from the department.
Following are some key/basic annual filing compliances under LLPs Act, 2008
  • Audit Report, if applicable
  • Audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account, if applicable
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Disclosure under MSME
  • List of existing directorship of the designated partner
The broad process of filing annual returns involves following steps:
  • STEP 1: Provision of requisite mentioned documents/information to us
  • STEP 2: Validating the documents/ information and processing the same.
  • STEP 3: Filing of return and submission of the same in online/offline manner, as the case may be
  • STEP 4: Payment of appropriate government fee as applicable
  • STEP 5: Submission of return within due date
The process of filing annual return can take anywhere between 2 to 3 working days, subject to submission of correct information and complete documentation.
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* Terms & Conditions

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2) The govt fee shall not form part of our professional fee which shall be payable directly by the client

3) The Supreme plan is applicable for business organisations having up to 1500 transactions and Turnover up to 1 Cr